Agenda for Planning Meeting 23rd November 2021

Councillors are summoned and members of the public and press are warmly invited to attend a meeting of Hadleigh Town Council on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at 7.00pm in The Guild Room at Hadleigh Town Hall, Market Place, Hadleigh IP7 5DN (entrance in St Mary’s Churchyard)

Members of the public and press can watch the meeting by following this link –  or telephone 0208 080 6592

The Council, members of the public and press may record/film or broadcast this meeting, when the press and public are not lawfully excluded. Any member of the public who attends this meeting is advised that the Town Council cannot control 3rd party recording. The Town Council may record the meeting.

Only members of the public who attend in person are permitted to speak. If you are unable to attend in person but wish to speak please inform the Town Clerk (  at least 1 day before the meeting who will read out your question.

Please read the risk assessment before attending in person – RiskAssessmentMeetings

23.11.21 Planning Committee Agenda

09.11.21 Planning Committee DRAFT Minutes

BED21_0078 A14 copdock scheme brochure